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Prop designed & developed by Bow Juggler.

Manufactured by RD buugeng.

Product description

Zip Poi, a creation by Bow for the NOMA project, introduces a fresh perspective to poi spinning. Specifically designed to explore rope balances, it allows for unique movement by sliding the poi head along the rope while it’s balanced, held, or spun. Unleash creativity and redefine poi dynamics with Zip Poi!


The price is for a pair.

What is Zip Poi?

Zip Poi, a revolutionary creation by Bow for his NOMA project, represents a fresh take on poi spinning. Born from the original contact poi, Zip Poi adds a dynamic twist, allowing the head to slide along the rope during balanced, held, or spun movements. Bow’s design caters to traditional poi tricks and innovative maneuvers, providing a versatile experience for spin enthusiasts.

With Zip Poi, practitioners can expect a blend of tradition and innovation, crafted to achieve precision in movement. The prop encourages a unique style of poi manipulation, opening doors to creative exploration. The carefully calculated weight ratio among the knob, rope, and ball ensures stability and a light overall feel, ideal for peak performance.

Zip Poi is not just a prop; it’s a testament to innovation, balance, and the pursuit of perfection in the art of poi manipulation.

Be aware of rope shrinkage

Despite being the static rope with the least shrinkage percentage on the market your Zip Poi are still going to shrink by up to 2 cm depending on the length of the Zip Poi. All ropes shrink eventually. It is due absorption of humidity and other elements.

How it happens:

Product specifications

Why RD buugeng?

Design by Bow Juggler

Incredibly talented French juggler. He pushes the limits of poi & halfgeng with impossible balances, contact manipulation, and juggling. Improve and grow with his tutorials!


Zip Poi is an innovative poi spinning prop designed by Bow for his NOMA project. It represents a unique evolution in poi technology, featuring hollow heads and tethers that allow the poi head to slide along the rope. This design adds a dynamic twist to traditional poi spinning, providing practitioners with new possibilities for creative expression and manipulation. Zip Poi is crafted to cater to both traditional and innovative poi tricks, making it a versatile and exciting tool for spin enthusiasts.

Bow, an innovator in the world of juggling and poi, is the creative mind behind Zip Poi. Coming from a juggling background, Bow felt a need to push the boundaries of traditional poi spinning and explore fresh possibilities. Inspired by his passion for rope balances and manipulation, Bow set out to design a prop that not only suits traditional poi tricks but also introduces a unique element: the ability for the poi head to slide along the rope during various movements. The creation of Zip Poi stems from Bow’s dedication to advancing the art of poi spinning and providing spin enthusiasts with a tool that encourages innovation and creativity.

Zip Poi stands out among other poi sets due to its innovative design. Unlike traditional poi, Zip Poi features hollow heads and tethers that allow the poi head to slide along the rope. This unique sliding motion opens up a new realm of possibilities for poi manipulation, offering spin enthusiasts a fresh and dynamic experience. The design caters to both traditional poi tricks and more innovative moves, providing versatility that sets Zip Poi apart from conventional poi sets. With its sliding head technology, Zip Poi brings a distinctive and creative element to the world of poi spinning.

Zip Poi is designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced spinners. The versatile design allows beginners to explore foundational poi techniques while providing experienced spinners with a platform to push the boundaries of their skills. The sliding head technology adds a unique dynamic to the poi, offering a learning curve for beginners and exciting challenges for those with more experience. Whether you’re just starting your poi-spinning journey or seeking to enhance your skills, Zip Poi is crafted to accommodate various skill levels and foster growth and creativity.

Despite being the static rope with the least shrinkage percentage on the market your Zip Poi are still going to shrink by up to 2 cm. All ropes shrink eventually. It is due absorption of humidity and other elements.

Zip Poi ropes may experience a slight shrinkage of up to 2 cm over time.

Maintaining your Zip Poi is simple:

  1. Avoid Water Exposure: Minimize water contact, especially with sea water, to prevent accelerated shrinkage.

  2. Store Indoors: Keep your poi indoors to avoid dew and humidity, which can speed up rope shrinkage.

  3. Clean Sweaty Hands: If your hands tend to sweat, consider wiping down the poi to reduce the impact on shrinkage.

  4. Regular Check-ups: Periodically inspect your Zip Poi for any signs of wear or damage.

Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving the quality and performance of your Zip Poi.

Absolutely! Zip Poi is designed to be versatile and suitable for outdoor use. Whether you’re practicing in a park, at the beach, or in your backyard, Zip Poi’s construction allows for an enjoyable spinning experience in various outdoor environments. The robust design ensures durability and performance, making it an excellent choice for spinners who love to take their artistry outside. So, go ahead and embrace the freedom of spinning Zip Poi under the open sky!

Yes, Zip Poi sets are sold in pairs, providing spin enthusiasts with a complete and balanced set for a dynamic poi spinning experience.

Certainly! While our default length is set at 72 cm | 28.3 in, meticulously designed by Bow, we understand that individual preferences vary. If you require a different length, feel free to message us with your specific details. We’re here to tailor your Zip Poi experience to perfection!