Eye ring

Innovative eight ring design

Customize your eye ring

Prop designed by Lars Rieck.
Manufactured & developed by RD buugeng.

Product description

More than simply an eight ring, this innovative design builds upon that magical prop and allows you to create new, breathtaking optical illusions with traditional 8 ring manipulation. Discover a new dimension of eight rings, the number of possibilities are more than meets the Eye.

The price is for a pair.

What is eye ring?

This new, innovative design is based on a mathematical figure called Vesica Piscis, an intersection of 2 circles with the same radius. This addition maintains the symmetrical balance of the original prop and creates new patterns in what is otherwise empty space with eight rings. With Eye rings an isolation is more than an isolation: when you trace the circle within the eight ring you also trace the curve of the eye.

Product specifications

Why RD buugeng?

Design by Lars Rieck

Lars is a Prop Designer and Performer located in Providence, Rhode Island. He bases his designs on explorations with 8 Rings and S Staff. The goal of his design is to create new possibilities for exploring movement.