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Explore the magic of S Staff manipulation

Customize your buugeng

The only wooden buugeng with identical size & grip as LED Buugeng from Lighttoys. Non-magnetic, visually appealing, durable and fun to play with. Well suited for enthusiastic beginners while meeting the specific requirements of professional artists. Quad buugeng friendly.

Are you ready to start your buugeng flow journey?


The price is for a pair.

The only wooden buugeng with identical size & grip as LED Buugeng from Lighttoys. Non-magnetic, visually appealing, durable and fun to play with. Well suited for enthusiastic beginners while meeting the specific requirements of professional artists. Quad buugeng friendly.

Are you ready to start your buugeng flow journey?

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What is buugeng?

Buugeng is one of the most famous object manipulation props. Its typical S shape also led to the name S staff, but the original idea comes from two half circles flipped and connected in the middle. 


The first form of this unique prop was shown to the juggling and circus world by juggler Michael Moschen. The name buugeng was created only later by Japanese artist Dai Zaobab who also redesigned it to the form we know today. The word Buugeng stands for a combination of two Japanese words: Buu – martial art and Geng – the illusion. 


By spinning the buugeng, you create visual illusions, but that’s only part of the fun. With our non-magnetic wooden buugeng, you can explore all kinds of tricks, including contact buugeng, balancing, throws, or quad buugeng manipulation. Practicing with buugeng might be challenging at first, but the positive results are worth it!

Why RD buugeng?

Product specifications


5 colors

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10 mm | 0,4 in

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9 classic colors

7 UV active colors

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320 g | 11,3 oz

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Customers reviews

A pair of practice buugeng Black-Yellow
November 5, 2021
Pretty awesome and came pretty quickly!!
January 12, 2022
Amazing its perfect ty
A pair of practice buugeng Black-Black
November 9, 2020
Perfect! Fast delivery, gorgeous product (very easy to play, even as a beginner) and the seller is so nice :)
A pair of practice buugeng Black-Black
June 20, 2022
Excellent balance, beautiful finish and comfortable grips. It’s been making learning so much easier to have such a wonderfully built prop
January 24, 2023
Great durable quality! Love that it comes with a case and the strings even match the prop! My other set of buugeng are magnets and I like that these can’t separate, will give me a different feel to mess around with and I feel they are more sturdy. The UV color really pops!
October 8, 2022
The quality of theses are amazing. I would definitely purchase again in the future!!!
January 31, 2022
Fast delivery to Australia, great quality! Highly recommend
A pair of practice buugeng White-Black
September 14, 2021
Item arrived very fast. It took less than a week. The package was packed very neatly and the products came in a very good condition. I would highly recommend to purchase items from him ☺️.
A pair of practice buugeng Black-Yellow
April 14, 2021
It’s great! Thank you so much! Perfect manufacturing and balance, suitable for any hand size! I have started practicing immediately and having a lot of fun. Buy another one in future for sure!

Package includes

Buugeng of your choice.

An elegant & practical black bag with strings matching the color of your buugeng. We make both buugengs and bags with love in the Czech Republic.

Buugeng in a special bag - RD buugeng minimalistic packaging


Do you want to dive into the world of object manipulation fully? Then we recommend getting buugeng. This prop, also called s staff, has a more extended history than halfgengs. The tricks are more explored and different approaches to create with them developed over time.

Are you a beginner who likes fans, dancing or juggling but it’s also curious what the world of object manipulation has to offer? If you are at the beginning of your flow journey or have a fan spinning background, then we believe you will enjoy our halfgengs more. They have a more enjoyable learning curve and plenty of similar tricks with fans. Many people find it easier to dance with them, and you can use many movements and tricks from other props.


On the other hand, why not get both? If you already tried spinning four buugengs, aka quad buugeng, we recommend getting four halfgengs to explore more object manipulation possibilities. You can also choose a different amount of halfgeng & buugeng to explore quad buugeng spinning from a whole new perspective.

The minimum amount is always a pair. You can order our products in different quantities with a discount – we like to support quad buugeng tech, group training and creations or other experiments with multiple props!

No. We differ from other buugeng sellers by creating Non-magnetic buugeng/s staffs. It means that buugeng is one piece and is not foldable. The main advantage is that whenever you drop it, it stays together, and you can pick it up and continue flowing. It is also perfectly balanced to the centre and more suitable for quad buugeng spinning as no magnets are affecting your tricks. The main inspiration for this design is the shape & weight of a Pyroterra Lighttoys LED buugeng. Our buugeng is perfect for those who plan to protect their precious LEDs while learning cool tricks. It comes with a handy bag so you can travel with it comfortably even if it’s unfoldable.

No, we don’t sell LED buugeng. The unique thing about our buugeng design is that it fits the shape and the grip of LED buugeng from Pyroterra Lighttoys! This way, you can safely practice your future performance and tricks before you invest in LED buugeng. We highly recommend checking the led FT programmable buugeng from Lighttoys.

Yes 🔥 You can find more about them here

There are plenty of buugeng/s staff tutorials for all levels on Youtube for free! We highly recommend the tutorials for beginners from Colin Peterson focused on basics and fundamental motions.

Other resources include @buugengtutorial on IG or Facebook group Buutorials (Buugeng / S-Staff Tutorials)

Yes! Contact us and explain your requirements and vision to us. Our experience with custom sets of buugeng includes buugeng with stripes or triangles for a more hypnotic effect, glitters application or colours we usually don’t offer. Let’s create your dream set together!

We offer Express delivery shipping. You will play with your new props in two weeks, including the time we need to make them! Our main courier is DHL & DPD, but the express delivery company may differ according to countries. The delivery time might be longer in the current pandemic situation. We will always do our best to deliver your unique props to you in the shortest time!