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Product description

An original wooden prop perfect for your indoor and outdoor practice and performance. Striking colors and design, easy to play and travel with. Built for passionate beginners and professional flow artists, including fan dancers searching for a new unconventional prop.

The price is for a pair.

What is halfgeng?

Halfgeng is a special juggling and manipulation prop designed by RD buugeng. When you put two halfgengs together and grab them in the smaller ring, you will get a perfect buugeng shape! That’s why it’s called halfgeng = halfbuugeng. 

The shape also reminds us of a spiral with two rings at one end.. These rings are prevalent for Russian fire fans and practice fans. This is also why many of the techniques of fan spinning and manipulation apply to the halfgeng. The true potential of this prop lies in the intersection of different props. Besides the fan spinning and dancing, you can juggle them, balance them or even apply some double hoop manipulations. Halfgeng is a very young prop waiting for you, dear artist, to be explored!

Why RD buugeng?

Product specifications

White Halfgeng wireframe

Customers reviews

April 26, 2022
Awesome quality 🖤 and they look beautiful. I can’t wait to spin them (and learn how to do it) 🖤 Thank you 🖤
A set of 2 practice halfgeng in white colour
April 1, 2021
Perfect! The halgengs are really well balanced and it’s really nice to play with them and explore all the possibilities. Fast delevery and the seller ansewrs fast and is really nice :)
January 24, 2023
Super durable and really bright! I like that when the pink ones are under UV light that they’re more of a hot pink/fiery red. Awesome that they come with a case and the strings even match the prop!
A set of 2 practice halfgeng in white colour
September 8, 2021
Really amazing fast shipment, and super awesome halfgeng with bag! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🧡🧡🧡 Thank you so much!
A set of 2 practice halfgeng in black colour
April 26, 2022
Perfect quality 🖤 and they look beautiful. I can’t wait to spin them (and learn to spin them) 🖤 Thank you.
A set of 2 practice halfgeng in black colour
May 21, 2021
Amazing quality buugeng & halfgeng which come with their own bags. The seller is amazing and will answer any questions you have. If you are buying sets you can actually customize them if you want. They arrived in less than a week from when they were ordered.
A set of 2 practice halfgeng in cyan colour
March 16, 2022
I really like these they are lots of fun.
A set of 2 practice halfgeng in black colour
January 24, 2021
I love these things, I’m super new to any kind of prop like this, so I’m learning from different styles that can be applied to these. The only issue I have is that the knuckles on my hands are wide and I wish the diameter of the main circle was a half inch wider.
A set of 2 practice halfgeng in yellow colour
May 24, 2022
All is perfect, fast shipping, items conforme.

Package includes

Halfgengs of your choice.

An elegant & practical black bag with strings matching the color of your halfgeng. Designed exclusively for the halfgeng shape.

We make both halfgengs and bags with love in the Czech Republic.

Our red halfgeng in all its beauty.


Halfgeng is a unique fusion of Buugeng and Russian Fan. This gives the prop a unique shape and allows for a different range of movements and visual effects.

If you are at the beginning of your flow journey or have a fan spinning background, then we believe you would enjoy our halfgengs more. They have an easier learning curve and plenty of similar tricks with fans. It is also easier for many people to dance with them.

If you want to dive into the world of object manipulation to the fullest, we recommend getting buugeng. It’s a prop with a longer history than halfgengs and offers a broader range of tricks and different approaches to using them.

If you already tried spinning 4 buugengs aka quad buugeng, we recommend getting 4 halfgengs to explore more object manipulation possibilities.

Halfgeng is pronounced, “half-gen.” The name is a play on the word “Buugeng,” which Halfgeng geometry is based on.

Halfgeng and Buugeng are based on the same geometry, but as Halfgeng’s name suggests it is only half of Buugeng and you control it by spinning it around your hand using the circle. Meanwhile to master Buugeng you need to learn finger spinning or wrist spinning. This difference in construction as well as the way of controlling them gives the two props different movement possibilities and visual effects.

We created an online course with 19 lessons that are available for free here: Halfgeng: getting started course

UV color is a special feature on our Halfgeng products that creates a unique visual effect under black light which is a type of ultraviolet light. This effect is created by using special paints that react to UV light, causing the Halfgeng to appear to glow. UV color is a great way to add an extra level of visual interest to your Halfgeng performances or jams, and is sure to capture the attention of your audience. To experience the UV effect, simply flow with your Halfgeng in dark under black light, which is usually available at most parties and festivals.

Yes! Contact us in advance to go over your requirements and let’s create your dream set together.

We make most of our sets to order. The reason is our wide range of customization. Did you notice that you can get 16 different colors of Halfgeng in our shop?

We offer Express delivery shipping. Our main courier are FedEx, DHL & DPD, but the express delivery company may differ according to countries. The delivery time might be longer in the current post-pandemic situation. We will always do our best to deliver your unique props to you in the shortest time!

You can order our products in different quantities, but the minimum amount is always a pair.