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A Burst of Color, A Symphony of Playful Spin

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Product description

Play Rope – the perfect balance between the durability of a Static rope and the vibrant aesthetics of a Cotton rope. With pleasing colors and low shrinkage, the Play Rope offers a delightful spinning experience. Ideal for those seeking a versatile rope that combines the best of both worlds, making it a colorful companion for your Poi journey.


The price is for a 1 m of static rope. If you want 3 m put 3 pcs in your cart. You will receive your rope in one piece unless requested otherwise.

Be aware of rope shrinkage

Despite the static rope having low shrinkage percentage your poi are still going to shrink few centimeters depending on the length of the poi. All ropes shrink eventually. It is due absorption of humidity and other elements.

How it happens:

If you really need a certain poi length be aware of your prop usage and we recommend making poi that is at least 2 cm longer than desired so it will shrink to your ideal length. 

Bow tip: too long is better than too short. You can easily shorten the rope when needed. If so contact us for the manual how to shorten your poi set.