Double star

Innovative visual for creative souls

Customize your double star

Prop designed by Lars Rieck.
Manufactured & developed by RD buugeng.

Product description

Inspired by the negative space between two parallel Eight rings, Double Star is just perfect to play both with the basic shape and ring visuals these two props create together. You can work with quarter, half, three-quarter or full ring shapes and create many unique visuals. This prop combines all pros of magic Buugeng, hypnotizing Eight ring but we can also say it combines S staff and double staff moves.

Double star is ideal for creative souls who love to explore new ways of spinning.

The price is for a pair.

What is double star?

Double star is a unique and innovative spinning prop consisting of two star shaped parts connected by our usual handle, inspired by the negative space created by two eight rings, very similar to buugeng spinning but also enables greater use of negative space either using it inner half circle, but for skilled performer also using its smaller quarter rings.

At first sight it may be very similar to handle it, similar to eight ring, but thanks to its handle rotated in 90 degrees, you can spin it a double staff as well. This variability will please any artist who loves to explore new shapes and visuals.

Mirroring star design is making this prop perfectly balanced and easy to spin and manipulate with. Suitable for beginners and pros.

Product specifications

Why RD buugeng?

Design by Lars Rieck

Lars is a Prop Designer and Performer located in Providence, Rhode Island. He bases his designs on explorations with 8 Rings and S Staff. The goal of his design is to create new possibilities for exploring movement.