Sock Poi

Durable and Customizable Fabric Poi

Customize your Sock Poi

Product description

Discover the perfect blend of durability and elegance with our Fabric Sock Poi. Crafted with specialized, long-lasting fabric and balanced for flawless spins, these poi are ideal for beginners and experts alike. Soft yet durable, they’re designed for hours of comfortable practice and performance. Featuring a forgiving rubber filler or soft stage ball and easy-grip knobs, they’re perfect for learning new tricks with confidence. Elevate your flow with our durable and customizable Fabric Poi.

The price is for a single poi.

Have a special length or weight request? Message us – we’re here to customize your Fabric Poi experience!

Product parts specifications

Silicone knob

Rubber knob

At the core of our Fabric Poi is a commitment to quality and sustainability, reflected in our choice of fabric. Engineered for both strength and comfort, our poi fabric isn’t just about the feel—it’s about delivering performance and durability where it matters most.

70 mm stage ball

Rubber chips

Made from 100% recycled rubber chips, offering sustainability without sacrificing performance. These chips are renowned for their durability and resistance, ensuring your poi stand the test of time.

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