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Product description

Introducing the ultimate Contact Poi configurator – where your poi dreams come to life! Elevate your performance with Contact Poi – the innovative, customizable poi designed for mesmerizing spins and dynamic throws. Craft your own style with our real-time configurator. The art of poi, redefined.

Guide to your perfect size. Be aware of rope shrinkage.

The price is for a single poi.

Have a special length or attachment request? Message us – we’re here to customize your Contact Poi experience!

Product parts specifications

Silicone knob

Rubber knob

10 mm Bow rope

10 mm Play rope

10 mm Cotton rope

90 mm Net ball

90 mm Play ball

90 mm glitter ball

What is Contact Poi?

Contact Poi represents a revolutionary evolution in the world of poi spinning, transcending traditional boundaries with its dynamic design. At its core, contact poi features a ball on a string connected to a counterweight by a rope, providing not only the familiar spinning capabilities of classic poi but also unlocking the potential for intricate throws and seamless rolls around the body. This innovative approach has transformed the art form, becoming the standardized poi style embraced by enthusiasts worldwide. The versatility of contact poi has redefined the boundaries of poi spinning, inviting practitioners to explore an entirely new realm of creative expression and movement possibilities.

Choosing the perfect size for you

We measure our Contact Poi from the head bottom to the handle top. Here are basic recommendations to help you choose:

Be aware of rope shrinkage

Despite being the static rope with the least shrinkage percentage on the market your poi are still going to shrink by up to 2 cm depending on the length of the poi. All ropes shrink eventually. It is due absorption of humidity and other elements.

How it happens:

If you really need a certain poi length be aware of your prop usage and we recommend getting poi that is 2 cm longer than desired so it will shrink to your ideal length. 

Bow tip: too long is better than too short. You can easily shorten the rope when needed. If so contact us for the manual how to shorten your poi set.

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