Halfgeng: getting started

Free online video course with Bow Juggler

Halfgeng tutorials are the perfect way to start learning this amazing flow arts skill. Our basic video course is easy to follow and can be completed in just 60 minutes. You’ll learn 20 tricks and concepts and can join our Facebook group for support and more tips.


About this class

This Halfgeng course is perfect for new or experienced artists, dancers, entertainers & performers. You don’t need to have any experience spinning halfgeng, buugeng, fans or staff. The course is easy to follow and you can learn a lot of cool tricks and concepts in just 30 minutes. Halfgeng is such a unique prop in flow arts and we will help you to learn it fast & easy.

If you have a background in fan spinning it will be only to your advantage. You will learn how to dance with our halfgeng in no time. A lot of the tricks you already know with your fans can be directly converted. The main difference is they are not symmetrical like most of the fans and because of that are balanced a bit differently. Their spiral shape will help you create new visual tricks & art. Of course you can try to do some of these tricks with your practice fans as well.

Lessons in this online class

Lesson 01 – Basic positions (1:00)
Lesson 02 – 4 point antispin box (1:00)
Lesson 04 – Buugeng grip (1:00)
Lesson 03 – Reverse buugeng grip (1:00)
Lesson 05 – Double pendulum (1:00)
Lesson 06 – Thumb hold to ring grip (1:00)
Lesson 07 – Flipped reverse buugeng grip (1:00)
Lesson 08 – Split ring grip to ring grip to (1:00)
Lesson 09 – Inspin time reverse inspin (1:00)
Lesson 10 – Fake C caps (1:00)
Lesson 11 – 4 point antispin box (1:00)
Lesson 12 – Same time butterfly (1:00)
Lesson 13 – Opp wave (1:00)
Lesson 14 – Same time folds then split time folds (1:00)
Lesson 15 – Fold to reverse buugeng grip (1:00)
Lesson 16 – Half snake iso (1:00)
Lesson 17 – Ring iso (1:00)
Lesson 18 – Negative space to grip release (1:00)
Lesson 19 – Quarter stalls (1:00)
Lesson 20 – Opp inspin 2 petal flower (1:00)

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Meet your teacher

Incredibly talented French juggler. He pushes the limits of halfgeng with impossible balances, contact manipulation and juggling. Improve and grow with his tutorials!

Explore your secret superpowers - with halfgeng manipulation!

Why Halfgeng course?

Halfgeng Facebook group

Did you know that we have a special group dedicated only to halfgengs? Yay! Connect with other halfgeng enthusiasts and invite your flow friends who might enjoy this unique prop. See you in Halfgeng • Prop exploration!

Discover the magic of halfgeng

Your halfgeng - your style of manipulation and spinning

Be creative and have fun with your brand new prop! We will guide you through basics to your first trick.

The fastest way to get you started & learn 20 new tricks with your halfgeng. Halfgeng tutorial is easy to follow and takes only 30 minutes.