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Who is Bow?


Bow Juggler is a French artist. Since he was a kid, Bow Juggler has been attracted by movement and physical expression. After trying many sports, he discovered juggling in 2010 and found his true passion. Juggling became a way for him to explore new limits and express himself through movement. Specializing in poi juggling but also practicing all kinds of object manipulation, Bow Juggler is one of the most promising young jugglers in the world.


What makes Bow Juggler unique is his dedication to the exploration of technical tricks with a focus on creativity and expression. He teaches jugglers to find their own style and to use juggling as a tool for self-expression. In his workshops, he emphasizes the importance of having fun and being creative with movement.


He is based in Berlin Germany and travels around the world to teach and perform. He has been teaching online through his Patreon since 2020 and has helped hundreds of jugglers to improve their skills and creativity. He is a regular performer at juggling festivals around the world. He is a true ambassador of juggling, promoting it as an art form and a tool for self-expression.

FAQ with Bow Juggler

I started juggling in 2010, with diabolos, and later on picked up other props like balls, clubs staves, hoops and poi. 

I like exploring with halfgengs because the curvy shape is in my opinion very underrated in object manipulation, it allows for lots of very interesting motions and combinations between juggling and body movement.

Juggling is the mode of expression that resonates the most with me, so it feels great to wake up every day and go create a movement that connects with what I deeply enjoy. 

Poi has been my main prop in the last few years, because the flexibility of the object is something that I enjoy a lot, and it brings a sense of momentum mastery that I’ve been very inspired to develop.

Teaching for me is a good way to make sure that I deeply understand the mechanism behind my personal explorations, breaking down every piece of my work to transmit it to others. 

It is also very satisfying to bring help and inspiration to the community.

Let me just say that I can eat quite stunning amount of fruits & veggies anytime. My personal mango record? 35 whole mangoes in one day!

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Incredibly talented French juggler. He pushes the limits of halfgeng with impossible balances, contact manipulation, and juggling. Improve and grow with his tutorials!

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