USA's Top Juggling & Flow Festivals 2023

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    The United States is home to some of the most vibrant and inspiring juggling and flow arts festivals in the world. Fans of these incredible art forms flock from all around the country to witness the jaw-dropping feats of skill and coordination that can only be seen at these events. Whether you’re looking for an underground event that celebrates the local scene or a massive festival that has it all, these US festivals have something to offer everyone.

    IJA Festival

    What is IJA Festival?

    The International Jugglers’ Association has been uniting performers from all over the world since 1947 and continues to be a leader in cultivating juggling excellence. Every summer, their week-long festival draws talented jugglers of all ages who come together to compete, hone their skills with workshops and showcases, and celebrate this unique art form. Different cities across North America each year host these festivities full of dazzling displays that leave audiences captivated!

    Who is the IJA Festival for?

    Whether you’re a casual hobbyist or a seasoned juggler, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to take part in the IJA! Professional-level competitors can test their skills against other jugglers from all over the world for bragging rights. If you’re looking for more guidance and instruction, workshop classes are offered throughout the week.

    Kinetic Fire

    What is Kinetic Fire?

    The 11th annual Kinetic Fire – a four-day wonderland of fire performance art! At this event, fire and flow artists from everywhere in the Midwest and beyond can come together to share knowledge, teach one another, and progress as object manipulators. In addition to learning something new or honing your skillset, you will also experience a fun atmosphere that encourages open dialogue amongst attendees. Kinetic Fire offers a remarkable workshop program, high-energy performances, and carefully curated spin time featuring the best music. Kinetic Fire is the leading annual gathering for all fire dancers, from novice to expert. Here you can connect with other passionate members of the community and take your knowledge, creativity, and skill to a new level! Come along for an amazing opportunity where you can learn, laugh together, and watch yourself grow in this stimulating environment. They invite all juggles, prop manipulators, and flame lovers alike to join Kinetic Fire!

    Who is the Kinetic Fire for?

    Through its workshops, competitions, and spin time activities, Kinetic Fire delivers something for everyone. Whether you are new to fire performance, or a seasoned veteran looking to take your skills to the next level, this event is designed to cater to all levels. From expert competitors ready to show off their talents, intermediate performers looking for an opportunity to improve and refine their skills, or newcomers hoping to get a taste of the action, Kinetic Fire is an event for everyone.


    What is FireDrums?

    Unlock your inner fire by celebrating the art of flow and immersing yourself in a safe, supportive environment! FireDrums has been igniting creativity for two decades through its events – giving participants an opportunity to explore, share and teach their passions. Here you can create meaningful connections with peers while blazing a revolutionary path that will leave lasting sparks behind it.

    Who is FireDrums for?

    FireDrums offers something for everyone, no matter their experience level. Whether you are a novice looking to learn the basics or an experienced performer wanting to take your flow artistry to the next level, this event has it all!

    Flame Festival

    What is Flame festival?

    The Flame festival is an essential learning retreat for anyone passionate about the art of fire performance and hobbyists alike. This fantastic event, put on by the Flow Arts Institute each year, is one of seven incredible events that they host annually.

    Experience a unique learning event in Lafayette, GA every April with FLAME! Fire dancers, jugglers, movement artists, and circus aficionados all gather to join forces and form new connections. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure by bringing your favorite props along with camping gear for the ultimate skill-building experience. Embark on a journey of exploration as you immerse yourself in curiosities and newfound talents!

    Who is the Flame festival for?

    Whether you are brand new to flow arts or a seasoned attendee, you are welcomed and supported through a wide variety of workshops, nightly fire circle, fire walking ceremony, and several community activities.


    What is WildFire?

    WildFire is New England’s premiere fire and spinning arts training retreat. Here you can work with some of the world’s leading teachers and coaches in a surrounded by a safe and supportive environment. The goal of the retreat is to help students discover their flow, develop their skills, and ignite their passion for fire performance.

    Who is WildFire for?

    WildFire is designed for all levels of skill – from beginners to experienced flow artists. It’s a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn or improve their fire artistry, as well as for those looking for an amazing experience in a fun and supportive environment!

    Still want more?

    Ready to find the perfect event for you? Look no further than this online calendar full of fantastic upcoming events!

    Are you looking for an extraordinary experience full of art, movement and fun? Then look no further! USA flow and juggling festivals are the perfect opportunity to bring your passions to life. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, these amazing events offer something special that will captivate your imagination – workshops, performances, incredible visuals… it’s all here waiting for you! Don’t miss out on this remarkable chance – join us today and let yourself be inspired by the magic in the air!