Europe's Top Juggling & Flow Festivals 2024

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    Are you based in Europe or traveling to the continent soon? If so, you won’t want to miss out on some of the most incredible juggling and flow festivals in the world. From the awe-inspiring displays of skill and mastery to the unique and vibrant atmospheres, these events promise a truly unforgettable experience for anyone with a love for the art of flow and juggling. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best festivals Europe has to offer.

    European Juggling Convention

    What is European Juggling Convention?

    Every year, thousands of jugglers from around the world gather for a one-of-a-kind event – European Juggling Convention (EJC). As the largest juggling meeting on Earth, EJC moves to different cities in Europe each time it’s held. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to connect with other juggle enthusiasts and experience various cultures! The European Juggling Association (EJA) is a non-profit association devoted to connecting local committees for the yearly meetings. By coordinating these gatherings, EJA works diligently to ensure that jugglers around Europe can meet and compete in a safe environment each year.

    At the European Juggling Convention, you will be met with a variety of juggling workshops, captivating performances and shows, crowd-pleasing Olympics or renegade events. Thanks to this perfect combination, the European Juggling Convention has become one of the most cherished juggling conventions around!

    Who is European Juggling Convention for?

    No matter your age, skill level, or experience – this festival has something for you! Whether you are just taking your first steps into the circus world and require workshops tailored to beginners, or if you are a more advanced performer looking for challenging classes; there is an activity that will suit everyone. This program is overflowing with spectacular performances and shows! We will have an area specifically for slacklining, a gym that caters to aerobatics and acrobatics, a fireplace, plus plenty of space dedicated to juggling. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a kind event!

    Phoenix Fire Convention

    What is Phoenix Fire Convention?

    The Phoenix Fire Convention (PFC) is a fire artist paradise. The meeting takes place in the Germany and offers a unique atmosphere for all fire performers. Both novices and experts come together to share their passion for the art of fire! Everyone is invited to join in, regardless of their skills. The event offers a range of activities designed to suit all ages, levels of experience and interests – including workshops, performances and exclusive entertainments. Impressive line-up of workshops and activities for anyone interested in experiencing some unique flow & fire arts. Every year, jugglers from all over Europe flock to this festival to take part in exciting competitions, attend fascinating lectures and workshops and experience spectacular performances. Whether you are a beginner or pro, the Phoenix Fire Convention offers something special for everyone!

    Story behind Phoenix Fire Convention

    Legend has it – at the end of its long life it builds a nest of cinnamon and ignites it with a thunder-accompanied wing beat. In the flames it burns itself to ashes, leaving a glowing egg in its place. From the egg comes a new, young and strong Phoenix, to begin life anew.

    A mystical fire bird that has found its place in many stories and legends for millennia. What could symbolize this primal force, this primordial spirit of life and change, better than the Phoenix?

    Like the phoenix, we cleanse ourselves in the fire to arise again and again, each time a new version of ourselves.

    Who is Phoenix Fire Convention for?

    The Phoenix Fire Convention is the perfect place to get started or hone your skills in fire arts. You can learn new techniques, practice existing ones and meet with passionate fire performers from all over Europe. Whether you are a beginner or experienced performer, there will be activities to suit your needs. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience some amazing flow and fire arts!

    Ignite Flow Arts Gathering

    What is Ignite Flow Arts Gathering?

    To ignite is to spark a flame or to cause it to catch fire. Furthermore, it can evoke intense feelings or ignite a scenario. And that is their mission to light the spark of passion within you for flow arts!

    This event strives to promote flow arts and form a strong bond among the European Flow Community. Attend inspiring workshops, swap new tricks, perform together as a group, meet like-minded people, and share laughs & hugs with each other – all before finishing the night with an extraordinary fire show gala plus after-party! Ignite Flow Arts Gathering is an incredible three-day, all-encompassing flow arts celebration! Enjoy the opportunity to camp out with fellow artists, hone your skills through training sessions, eat delicious food together and show off your tricks in a communal atmosphere of movement and flow.

    Who is Ignite Flow Arts Gathering for?

    The Ignite Flow Arts Gathering is open to all flow artists, from beginners to world champions. Come and be part of this unique flow festival and experience a community of like-minded people. Discover the joys of flow and fire arts through workshops, jam sessions, shows and so much more.

    Roztoč Fest

    What is Roztoč Fest?

    Roztoč offers an international festival experience, bringing together circus and flow arts, live theatre performances, music from all genres including balkan, klezmer, cumbia and latin; to drum’n’bass dubstep or psytrance. Get ready for a truly immersive show full of movement art forms like never before!

    Their mission is to ensure that everyone has fun while learning new skills and connecting with others. This year’s space transports you into an exciting and vibrant world. With a plethora of art decos and visuals installations, multiple stages, it will feel like Burning Man or Ozora- just on a smaller scale!

    Famous artists and spectators alike come together in a vibrant festive atmosphere to inspire & expose the arts. This isn’t just an event where you observe – we’ll get your body moving and energized!

    Pro tip: Roztoč is pronounced like “roztotch”.

    Who is Roztoč Fest for?

    All of the events and workshops are suitable for people of all ages! They delve deeply into various disciplines and find a way to involve everyone. All that is needed for someone to learn new skills and gain the most out of such an experience is movement, passion, and drive.

    Artemisia Fire Gathering

    What is Artemisia Fire Gathering?

    Unite with the fire and flow arts community at Artemisia, a flow gathering held in Italy open to all. Channel your energy for this special event that celebrates the growth of its dedicated artists! This convention is the perfect place to learn, share, and expand your capabilities. If you love music and partying, this event will be your paradise! And let’s not forget – it also presents a unique opportunity for you to play with fire!

    The attraction of the gathering is none other than the flame-filled Fire Space! International masters in flow arts, circus, juggling and aerials will bring you incredible performances from dusk till dawn. Witness breath-taking tricks as these professionals show off their best moves with fire during your time together!

    Festival motto: “We provide the fuel, you provide the fun.”

    Who is Artemisia Fire Gathering for?

    This event is for everyone who seeks good times! Whether you’re a beginner or already skilled in the arts, all are welcome. Feel free to explore different disciplines and activities, share your knowledge, or just watch and admire from afar. Everyone will find something to love at Artemisia Fire Gathering! So what are you waiting for?

    Still want more?

    Then check out this online calendar filled with upcoming events and find the perfect one for you! 

    Get ready for an unforgettable festival experience full of flow, fire and fun! Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, each European flow and juggling festival offers something special that is sure to captivate your imagination. From workshops and performances to amazing visuals, these festivals will bring you into a wonderful world of art and movement. Don’t miss out on the extraordinary opportunity to let your passions ignite – join in on the fun today!