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This manipulation prop is well known for its S shape and illusion effects. Spin it as a staff, balance it on different parts of your body or learn special contact tricks. Keep your mind stimulated, exercise your body, and have fun learning something extraordinary!

Dive into a world of dancing with mesmerizing spirals. This new prop is handier and more beginner-friendly than a buugeng. Spin it as a practice fan, balance it, dance with it, learn mini hoops tricks or juggle it. Explore the infinite beauty of Halfgeng with us!

Fire buugeng is ideal for adventurous souls and experienced fire performers. Light aluminum body with the same geometry as our classic wooden buugeng. Handle with grip for better safety & more precise control.

Iso stick is the perfect travel companion for long road trips or days spent indoors. Not only are they fun, but they are also an excellent way to get acquainted with double prop concepts. This makes it easier to learn larger double props like double staff, eight ring and buugeng.

Our magnetic foldable Eight Ring design is a new and innovative way to create optical illusions through the use of magnets. This simple, yet carefully designed object is perfect for both practice and performance.

Elevate your juggling mastery with Bow Poi – precision-crafted for innovation and style. Unleash dynamic performances with customizable features that make Bow Poi the ultimate choice for all jugglers.

Customers reviews

A pair of practice buugeng White-Black
November 28, 2022
My first time purchasing one and WOW! They’re so durable, def a need since I’m a novice and am constantly dropping it on my carpet!
March 19, 2022
Excellent product and fantastic shipping time considering how far the distance was. Excited to get started learning these!!
A set of 2 practice halfgeng in white colour
April 1, 2021
Perfect! The halgengs are really well balanced and it’s really nice to play with them and explore all the possibilities. Fast delevery and the seller ansewrs fast and is really nice 🙂
A pair of practice buugeng White-Black
September 14, 2021
Item arrived very fast. It took less than a week. The package was packed very neatly and the products came in a very good condition. I would highly recommend to purchase items from him ☺️.
A pair of practice buugeng White-Blue
June 25, 2021
I love these! perfect for a beginner like me 🙂
A pair of practice buugeng White-Black
November 3, 2022
Beautiful craftsmanship and durable first set of Buugeng staff! Customer service was excellent and arrived in swift two week shipping to California. Very satisfied with this purchase from RD BUUGENG seller and would highly recommend! 10/10
April 26, 2022
Awesome quality 🖤 and they look beautiful. I can’t wait to spin them (and learn how to do it) 🖤 Thank you 🖤
January 12, 2022
Amazing its perfect ty
A pair of practice buugeng Black-Yellow
November 5, 2021
Pretty awesome and came pretty quickly!!

Product laboratory

Discover our experimental product line, where we push the boundaries of traditional manipulation toys. Experience the perfect balance of creativity, quality craftsmanship, and unique designs. Elevate your performance and mesmerize your audience with our innovative spinning props.

The new wood hybrid of both our buugeng and halfgeng gives you the best of both worlds! With its unique design, the ringeng stands as a well-made and aesthetically pleasing manipulation toy that can be enjoyed by anybody.

The innovative spinning prop that combines the hypnotic visuals of the Eight Ring with the versatility of the Double Staff. It’s the perfect tool for spinning enthusiasts who love to experiment and create mesmerizing performances.

Unique eight ring design based on the mathematical figure Vesica Piscis, allowing for new patterns and optical illusions. Elevate your performance and impress your audience with perfect balance of symmetry, creativity, and quality craftsmanship.

Handmade locally

All of our shop’s juggling props are created from high-quality plywood by local craftsmen with a love for details. Our elegant & practical carrying bags with strings matching the color of your product are also sewed locally in the Czech republic.

Our products have a long history of thoughtful designing and crafting. It is a love for details & an eye for geometry that has been our recipe for success. Every product from our shop has been carefully designed, tested, and made for every day spinning & practicing.

Meet the simplicity and elegance of object manipulation handmade in the heart of Europe – the Czech Republic.