Roman Dobusch

Who is RD?


Roman was born in 1991 in the small city of Zlín in the Czech Republic. During his studies in high school, he discovered juggling and photography. This quickly became his passion, and soon Roman was practicing traditional juggling with balls, clubs & rings every day for many years. At the same time, he was studying photography & light and making it his primary job.

In 2010, Roman met a group of fire & light performers and was immediately fascinated by this new art form. From that day on, he started practicing with staff, learning group choreographies, and quickly diving more into the world of professional flow artists. In upcoming years he slowly take over the leading role in this group and used all his entrepreneurial skills to push the boundaries yet again.

During his performance in Qatar in 2015, he met Jay Firecat who changed his life more than they could imagine. Jay introduced him to the world of object manipulation and taught him the basics of buugeng. This changed the course of Roman’s life. He slowly but surely transferred from traditional tossing juggler to learning more about the world of buugeng. It took another 5 years of continuous research, testing & development to finally launch the brand of RD buugeng. If you are interested in learning more about the history of RD buugeng you can read more about it here.


He has a unique skill set in entrepreneurship & visual artistry. He is not only a skilled performer but also a designer, photographer, and videographer of RD buugeng. This combination of skills allows him to have a unique visual style in the flow arts community. Furthermore, he is continuously working on new ideas and prototypes for props and performances that push the boundaries of what is possible. In juggling & flow arts his main focus is on buugeng, balancing & juggling balls.


Roman is originally from Zlín but currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. He travels frequently to perform, teach & explore new ideas in the flow arts community.

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FAQ with Roman Dobusch

I started juggling in 2009, with a flower stick, and soon after picked up other props like balls, clubs, and rings. I discovered buugeng in 2015.

The captivating & mesmerizing visuals that can be created with buugeng. It's a very versatile prop and offers a lot of possibilities for creativity.

Other artists, movies, music, life & experiences. Inside me, I just have a deep urge to keep creating and learning new things.

Since I was little I really enjoyed math. So the world of siteswaps was really intriguing for me and I enjoyed creating new juggling patterns on paper.

I was looking for a perfect set of buugengs but nothing on the market worked for me. So I started creating my own version of buugeng based on Lighttoys design with their official approval.

The journey. The process. And the moment when it is finished and you can share it with the whole world and move on to the next creative project.

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Experienced performer, now sharing his passion for details & minimalism as a prop maker. RD buugeng is his brand cooked for a long time, waiting to exceed your expectations.