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Video tutorials

You have a new beautiful prop, and now it’s time to learn something cool! Check out our tutorial packages for different levels and grow your skills with us. Explore unique concepts and dive into the depth of Halfgeng manipulation!


Learn how to spin balance throw isolate your new prop!

BASIC tutorial by Bow Juggler

  • 30 minutes
  • 20 tricks & concepts
  • easy to follow
  • available on Youtube & Instagram


Halfgeng Facebook group

Did you know that we have a special group dedicated only to halfgengs? Yay! Connect with other halfgeng enthusiasts and invite your flow friends who might enjoy this unique prop. See you in Halfgeng • Prop exploration!

Knowledge base

Learn about object manipulation, flowarts, our products, and much more. This page will teach even basics as well as advanced professional stuff for those who are interested in learning everything there is to know about object manipulation.

USA’s Top Juggling & Flow Festivals 2023

The American juggling and flow festival community is an inspiring and electrifying place for all to be! Here, you have the chance of learning from some experienced instructors as well as witnessing mesmerizing shows by incredible acts from around the world.

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Europe’s Top Juggling & Flow Festivals 2023

The European flow and juggling festival scene is a vibrant and exciting place to be! These gatherings provide amazing opportunities to learn from experienced teachers as well as watch some of the world’s best performers.

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Discover the Magic of Juggling and Flow Festivals

Juggling and Flow Festivals have become a worldwide phenomenon, uniting jugglers, fire spinners, flow artists, and more from all different ages and backgrounds in one amazing place!

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