USA’s Top Juggling & Flow Festivals 2023

The American juggling and flow festival community is an inspiring and electrifying place for all to be! Here, you have the chance of learning from some experienced instructors as well as witnessing mesmerizing shows by incredible acts from around the world.

Europe’s Top Juggling & Flow Festivals 2023

The European flow and juggling festival scene is a vibrant and exciting place to be! These gatherings provide amazing opportunities to learn from experienced teachers as well as watch some of the world’s best performers.

Understanding Talent Versus Skill

Talent and skill are both important for achieving peak performance levels in any activity. Talent is a natural ability that one is born with, while skills are acquired through practice and experience.

Taking Up Fire Spinning: How To Get Started

Fire spinning is a thrilling and mesmerizing activity that requires not only skill, but also caution. Knowing when you are ready to spin a fire prop is essential for your safety.

Get into the flow state with flow arts

The flow state is a mental state where you are completely focused on the task at hand. You are so absorbed in what you’re doing that all other distractions fade away.